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Accessories for neurology

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complete catalog for neurological accessories, state 10/2016



In any case of queries, or if you are looking for other products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We like to give you an advice and surely we are able to help.

We will adapt our accessories to your equipment, if the basic requirements of the Medical Products Act are not counteractive.



Range of Accessories:

EEG accessories
eeg, electrodes, head caps, accessories, cables, chairs, pens, paper, ink

EMG/NCV/EP accessories
needle electrodes, ground electrodes, self adhesive electrodes, stimulation electrodes, recording electrodes, cables, paper, pens

Sleep accessories
respiratory-, position-, SpO2 sensors, cables

Pastes and Gellies
adhesive- and cleaning pasts, contact gel

other accessories
acupuncture needle, contact spray, electrode tester